Altius: www.altiusva.com As part of SSIP Altius carries out assessments against its clients requirements.
CHAS: www.chas.co.uk Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme.
Consultancy Services: Provide advice on the refurbishment / repair of an existing lift or alternatively the right choice of new lift based
   upon client requirements and legislation.
Facilities Management: TJ Lift Solutions carry out a great deal of work with Housing Associations, Serviced Offices and buildings with a
   Facilities Management company in place. We are experienced in dealing with residential as well as commercial projects and understand the
   different needs of the different clients.
LG Testing: Regime of annual, 5 yearly and 10 yearly lift inspections, now superceded by Supplementary Testing.
Lift Tester: A Senior Lift Engineer qualified to test lifts in accordance with the relevant test documentation, lift directive and design to
   ensure essential health and safety requirements compliance. The Tester carries out final inspection and signs the inspection report.
LOLER: The Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations.
LOLER Examinations: Under the legal standards and insurance regulations, the duty and the onus of the safety of the lift resides with the
   owner of the building. To ensure compliance companies are obliged to follow The Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations.
Machine Roomless Lifts: Often referred to as MRL this new type of lift is favoured by Architects and Builders where the lift machine is
   accommodated inside the lift shaft, freeing up space for other uses.
SAFed Supplementary Testing: The Safety Assessment Federation. It acts as a focal point for all issues and concerns relating to the statutory
   inspection and certification, safe use and operation of plant, machinery and equipment.
SAFE Contractor: www.safecontractor.com UK based Health and Safety Assessment Scheme.
Senior Technician: Most highly skilled Lift Engineer capable of carrying out any task however normally utilised for complicated fault finding
   or work requiring legal sign off.
SSIP: www.ssip.org.uk Safety Schemes in Procurement offers mutual recognition between Health & Safety pre qualification schemes.
VVVF: Variable Voltage Variable Frequency